Ready to get your branding in line?

What if you could do all your voice over marketing knowing your branding perfectly reflected you?

Outstanding VO Branding is a quick creative workshop party to create or upgrade your branding to a consistent, cohesive package for your voice over services, across your entire online presence, in one week.

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$67 USD

Pay What You Can!

Nope, not kidding.

I worked hard on this product and I know it will bring you results AND I want you to have it at the price you are comfortable paying.

I'm curious if you can relate:

Every time you want to send out an email or make a post to help your voice over career, you cringe at how you have nothing to reflect your branding?

What if you could send an email, post on social, send a post card or make a blog post all with consistant branding on it that perfectly reflects you as a voice over talent?

That's exactly why I created Outstanding VO Branding

I want to help you create, update, or upgrade your branding across your entire online presence in one week.

If you want to get your branding to beautifully reflect you and get that ishh up on your entire online presence in 7 days,

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In this fun program (a party, really!) we will:

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Follow along with an interactive pdf workbook to hash out your brilliant ideas

Check off action items with a vengeance using a gorgeous custom Trello board

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Create your slogan/tagline and graphic image based on your brand story

Make a branding guidelines doc that has your colors and fonts clearly defined

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Create your signature block and deploy it in your email client

Place your branding in all of the appropriate places In seven days!

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Let's Go!

Buy Outstanding VO Branding now and lock in this price that will go up.

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Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves in how well Outstanding VO Branding was put together and we think you'll be thrilled with the results! However, my branding party may not be for everybody. If you are unsatisfied this online workshop simply email me at and we will refund your entire purchase. Thanks for giving the mini course a try!

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The Campaign Creator

Put your new gorgeous branding to use and create a campaign with the Campaign Creator!

Learn how to reach the people who can hire you AND get them to actually remember you in less than a month.

You can't buy this from me anywhere else at this price point!!

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